Serena Crawley

Head of Engagement

I first came across the CSJ when studying politics at Bristol University. The CSJ had just published the seminal modern slavery report ‘It Happens Here’. I had a particular interest in this paper because of the time I spent working in India with survivors of human trafficking, and with street sex workers in Bristol. At the time, very few people acknowledged that modern slavery happens here in the UK, and so it quickly became apparent that the CSJ is the organisation that researches and talks about the issues that no one else dares to look at. That report led to Theresa May’s Government passing the Modern Slavery Act in 2015, and so it also became clear that the CSJ is the organisation that gets stuff done!

I joined the CSJ in 2018 after graduating Bristol with a first-class degree and completing my legal studies at the Bar. Having spent the past three years at the CSJ, I now know that my first impressions of the organisation were correct – we are the think tank that gets the Government to look at the areas that have never been touched before, to create real change for the people that need it most.

As the CSJ’s Head of Engagement, I am responsible for getting our work out there and driving the impact of our reports. The CSJ engages a number of different audiences in our work; from politicians, to charities, journalists and business leaders. It’s my job to connect these different groups in order to give our reports and recommendations the best possible chance of being picked up by the Government.

Something you might not know about me

Freelance wedding photography is my side hustle. Feel free to send me an email if you are getting married anytime soon!

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