Joe Shalam

Policy Director

I joined the CSJ in 2016, shortly after the nation’s vote to Leave the European Union. Having spent my time at the University of Oxford researching the history of popular movements (and riots) in Britain, I was unsettled by the distance between the views of voters and the political class revealed by the Referendum. I was therefore attracted to the CSJ for its determination to always look beyond the Westminster bubble when developing policy – to listen to the voices of those who too often feel ‘left behind’, and to champion the people who get out of bed every morning to serve their communities in the small charity sector.

Although it is unfashionable to be an East Londoner in SW1 at the moment, my exposure to the issues of rough sleeping and gang violence working in schools in the city was formative in my youth and early career. Having grappled now with the full range of briefs at the CSJ over the years, I was thrilled to have been appointed as Policy Director in 2021 to help put social justice at the heart of British politics following the turbulence of the pandemic. Whatever new threats lurk around the corner, it’s clear to me that this mission is as important as ever.

Something you might not know about me

Helpful fact: my surname rhymes with Callum…

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