Emily Farley

Senior Researcher

Emily joined the CSJ’s policy team in July 2018. Since then, she has worked across a range areas, including family and work and welfare policy. She spent a year leading the CSJ’s research on disability, with a particular focus on widening access to the labour market for disabled people. She authored a report making the case for better commissioning practices in order to bring specialist and local providers back to the fore of government provision.

Emily is now a senior researcher in our Criminal Justice Unit, where she is leading a three year study into our prison and probation systems, with a particular focus on family ties and meaningful work. She has also contributed to the unit’s work on sentence reform, making the case for a new community-based custodial sentence for the criminal courts.

Prior to joining the CSJ, Emily worked for a charity facilitating the resettlement of refugee families in communities across the UK. She also spent time working in global health policy in Parliament. Emily studied theology at university and completed a law conversion course before joining the CSJ.

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