Andy Cook

Chief Executive Officer

Andy is the CSJ’s Chief Executive and is responsible for making sure that the CSJ remains one of Westminster’s leading policy think tanks. He joined the CSJ in 2016 and has since restructured and grown the organisation to have both regional and Westminster sites, in order to ensure the CSJ’s high impact policy ideas flow straight from the ‘real world’. 

Andy’s background saw him found and lead an award-winning charity working with disadvantaged children across the Midlands. His leadership in the voluntary sector supporting some of the most marginalised people in the UK has given him a unique voice in Westminster, ensuring he has real understanding of the root causes of poverty and an unrivalled desire to connect the backstreets with the corridors of power.

Andy is a judge for the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, a board member of Dallaglio Rugby Works and a Trustee on The Christopher Nieper Foundation.  Andy is also an advisor to several philanthropists and industry impact awards.

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