Noreen Oliver MBE

Following her own experience of alcoholism and her journey into recovery, Noreen Oliver MBE founded the BAC (Burton Addiction Centre) O’Connor centres in Staffordshire. She has extensive experience in the field of rehabilitation and integrated services. Over the last 20 years, she has developed a recovery community in Staffordshire which has received numerous awards, and rehabilitated thousands of individuals and families, from detoxification through to independent living and into employment. In 2011 she became the first woman to be named an Honorary Freewoman of the Borough of East Staffordshire. Noreen was an Olympic torch bearer in 2012 as recognition for her work to both raise the profile of and address drug and alcohol issues. Noreen is Chair and Founder of the Recovery Group UK and co-chair of the Recovery Partnership, which reports directly to the ‘Inter-Ministerial Group’ on Drugs. She is also founder of the O’Connor Gateway Charitable Trust, which in September 2011 opened Langan’s Tea Rooms, a social enterprise and training centre located in the heart of Burton on Trent. As of 2013 Noreen is also a member of the CVLS Honours Committee.

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